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Using Hugo
Mar 23, 2017
2 minutes read

Once again, I’m changing how my site is hosted. A while back, I set things up using Ghost. It was fine. Fairly simple, generally speaking, but after a while it felt like even that required too much work to run and update. Truthfully, I’ve always wanted a no-fuss static site with a simple design and as few files as possible. I’d tried Hugo once before (for pullapprove documentation?) but it didn’t work out (honestly can’t remember why). Since then I’ve used Pelican, which is also ok but looking at those projects now, there’s just way too many files and scripts involved to make it work.

Today I had to shuffle some shit around due to the hosting provider transitioning servers, and I decided it was time to simplify yet again. I’ve deployed static sites to AWS before using S3, which is cool but even that takes configuration that I just don’t have the patience for, especially for “side-projects”. So, now I’ve got a Hugo site in a public repo on GitHub published via Netlify. There’s basically a file for each post and page, and that’s about it. I can now use Netlify for free, including HTTPS via LetsEncrypt, and there is almost nothing to mess with.

My old posts (and stupidly named screenshot images) have been copied over to this new site. Most of them are largely irrelevant but…history, right?

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post more than I’ve been able to lately. Most likely some of those will be cross-posted to Medium as well.

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