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The plunge
Aug 14, 2014
1 minute read

I’ve had it on my list of things to do for a long time, even tried once or twice. Being a software developer, building a blog is one of those things that always sounds like a nice side project, but then you get started, hung up on design and functionality, and a month later it falls by the wayside. I know, I’ve done it before.

In the meantime I’ve been keeping track of things that I thought might make for worthwhile posts, as much for supplementing my own memory as anything else, but also for anyone struggling with particular problems that seemingly don’t have good documented solutions.

In conclusion, I decided to put up a blog and just pick a theme. No pressure on building anything awesome right off the bat, just get something clean and simple and get started. Although I build a ton of websites using WordPress at work, I went with Ghost because of its straightforward approach and because I’ve wanted an excuse to try it for a while, as well as spend more time using Node.js.

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